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Marketeers Mastermind

Content marketing and digital marketing demystified! Get honest marketing advice and action steps you can take today to increase the amount of content you’ve created online. 


Whether you're just starting out in your business as a new entrepreneur or you've been in business or you've been speaking for several years, the Marketeers Mastermind Podcast will show you how to construct better website content, make new lead magnets to grow your email list, and understand how to put together marketing solutions, driving leads to your website so you can sell more services.


Find out how to build your online content over time to increase your ranking on Google and get more SEO for your website weekly! Learn how to get ahead of your competition online, so your ideal client finds you first over your competitors!

Oct 5, 2021

Digital Marketing Hotseat Podcast

Episode 001

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Hotseat Podcast


Digital Marketing Hotseat Podcast hosts Lynn Smargis, and Mark Thackeray are digital marketing experts, showcasing small business owners’ digital marketing questions. In each episode, we feature a small business owner’s burning digital marketing question as they put us in the hotseat for the answer. So tune in to find out what question we will be answering next, and contact us on our website to become a guest and put us in the hotseat!


Tune in and find what other small businesses are asking about digital marketing, listen in to educational episodes to learn more about digital marketing, and find out how you can enlist Mark or Lynn to work with you or your digital marketing team to increase your online presence and bump up your SEO for your website.


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